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13 Sep

**  UPDATED  Sept. 2011 **


The Mission:
Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria:
Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on my part).

I officially started on Sunday, February 1, 2009 – which will allow me to end on Sunday, October 30, 2011. Hopefully I can get everything accomplished!! Wish me luck! 🙂 Thanks for inspiring me T… I hope I can inspire others as well…. ( see 99 hahaha)

**** 101 Things To Do In 1001 Days ****

1. Go up the Peace Tower (0/1)

2. Learn to knit a scarf (0/1)

3. Plant a Dahlia garden in front yard Completed May 18, 2009 (1/1)5414_662942262446_121511050_39446963_5729182_n

4. Visit the Art Gallery (1/1) Completed September 17th.  Went to see PopLife.  It was awesome!!  My senses were overloaded!!

5. Swim to Aylmer Island (1/1) Completed Aug.6th!!

6. Send 5 random gifts in the mail (3/5)
-Sent F & N a package…
-Sent J.B the Glee soundtrack
– Sent mystery person a package – Feb 23, 2011

7. Walk to mom and dad’s house from our Apt.  (o/1)

8. Make Pad Thai from scratch (1/1)
Completed April 5, 2009 – and it was DE-Lish!



9. Go sliding @ Greens Creek (1/1) Completed Feb.21, 2010

10. Become pen-pals with A & A (1/1) Completed April 24, 2009

This is in progress – The first letters have been sent, but I can only check this off once they
write me back!! I’m waiting….

**UPDATE – I got a fun surprise in the mail last Friday!! My penpals wrote back!! Now I can
officially check this one off my list!! **



11. Go to an IMax Movie (1/1) Completed March 16, 2010   Hubby and I went to see Sharks in 3D!!

12. Pay for the person behind me @ Tim Hortons (0/1)

13. Bake a Birthday cake for someone by scratch (1/1) Completed April 17, 2009
I made a giant chocolate cupcake cake for K’s surprise birthday party… It didn’t turn out
as pretty as I hoped it would, but it was pretty tasty when we had it as a 3am snack!! haha!!


14. Go to Lefleche ZipLines again (1/1) – Completed Sept.6th, 2010 with Jordan and Adam.  So much FUN!!

15. try 15 new recipies (8/15)
– made swiss chard rolls – Feb.’09
– made Pad Thai – April ’09
– Potato-Avacado Salad – June ’07
– made Zucchini Delight May ’09
-Taco Salad – Aug ’09
-H’s amazing chocolate cake – Sept ’09
-Stuffed Pizza Rolls – Sept ’09
– Chocolate Molten Lava Cake – Sept ’09








16. Host a formal tea-party for A & A (0/1)

17. Go ice-skating with my hubby (1/1) – Completed Feb.16, 2011 on the Rideau Canal

18. Host 5 games nights (2/5)IMG_2003

The 225 gang came over and we played Whoonu – a crazy game from the Cranium Family – whoonu that some us liked pickles more than poodles…LOL…

Game Night #2 – July 2010…  PENNY CAN!!!!!

19. Attend a Slow Dance Night (0/1)

20. Send letters to my NS Cousins (1/1) Completed August 2011

21. Go Snowshoeing (1/1)

22. Sisters only campout (1/1) – Completed July 22, 2011 @ Rideau River Provincial Park!    SO MUCH FUN!  We have started     a                                                                        new tradition!!

23. Wish on a shooting star (1/1)
-Feb 15 ’09…sitting in the hot tub with M and P


24. Host 3 dinner parties (3/3)
-#1 Completed June 11, 2009 – CC and Jr. came over for a dinner party/ bachelorette catch-up party… it was almost a bust, but it turned             out perfectly in the end!! Brownies to boot! 🙂


The 225 Gang came over for a Friday night dinner party (Sept 4th, 2009)  We had a great time catching up, sipping wine and strongbows, and eating Taco Salads!!  (P.S..I blobbed out their faces just incase they don’t want to be on my public blog…)


#3 –  May 28, 2011 – Post GGGS and Carb Loading Dinner Party

 25. Run Half-Marathon in May (1/1)  *** DID IT TWICE!!!!***
Completed May 24, 2009 – Whooooooooooo!4301_651577387746_121511050_38751364_1376170_n**Bonus**  Ran the 1/2 Marathon again May 29th, 2011

26. Find that Caribbean restaurant on the way to St. Jovitte again (0/1)

27. Camp-out on my balcony (1/1)
Completed Sept.3, 2009
I thought our tent would fit out on the balcony, and it didn’t!  😦   So I had to get creative and I borrowed a BivySac from J and camped out             in that!  It was a little claustrophobic, but I survived!!  hahahah!!


….this is how J found me the next morning, and he snapped a photo!!  hahhaha!!10523_666127698806_121511050_39654189_2132275_n

28. canoe down canal (0/1)

29. Have a sleepover with the Franks (1/1) Completed May 30 ’094301_651577407706_121511050_38751367_3964688_n

30. Watch the sunrise (1/1)
– March 21 ’09 – watched the sunrise at the summit of Haleakala crater, Hawaii3228_645153356556_121511050_38453738_926125_n

Can you tell we had to get up at 3am to drive up to the summit!!  We were pretty tired!!  hah!

Even though we were in Hawaii, the altitude at the summit  of the crater was 10,000 ft. so it was freezing!!  Once the sun came up we began to feel some warmth!!

3228_645153351566_121511050_38453737_1095687_nWatching the sun come up was so peaceful and beautiful!!!  A memory I will never forget!!

31. Watch the sunset (1/1)
– March 21 ’09 – watched the sunset the same evening at Keawakapu Beach, Hawaii3228_645153361546_121511050_38453739_4951781_n

32. Camp at Algonquin Park (1/1)   June 2011  –  Jordan and I camped at Algonquin Park (Brent Lake) which was beautiful!! Too bad the bugs were out in FULL FORCE!! We have lots of scratchy memories!!

#32 – CHECK!!!  Whooo!!

33. Have a garage sale (1/1)
– Completed May 23, 1009

34. Have another ‘find me’ Picnic (0/1)

35. clear-out and donate old clothes (1/1)
Completed May 22, 209 – clothes to sell @ Great Glebe Garage Sale

36. Organize the pictures on my computer (0/1)
– In progress…I have tooooo many pictures on here…this one will take a while! I am a digital

37.Don’t talk for an hour– (1/1) – Completed Feb. ’09 – Hubby loved this one! hahah!no_talking

This actually took me 3 attempts!!  Hahahahha!!

38. Go Hooping (1/1) – Jan.2011 – Signed up for a Monday night Hooping class.  It is a lot of fun so far…and a great workout!!

39. Write T a song (1/1)
– Completed May 13th – embarrassing video has been made.

40. Go skinny-dipping (1/1) Completed Sept.3rd, 2011  Whooooo!!

41. Hike up Luskville Falls to the tower (0/1)

42. Go Skydiving (1/1)  Completed August 7th, 2010!!!   This was one of my biggest tasks, so I am QUITE proud!!

CRAZIEST thing I have EVER done in my LIFE!!!  I have never been so scared/excited!!!  It was WILD!!  Check out the video……hahah!

43. Go to NYC around Xmas (1/1) –  January 24th – went to New York with Pam!  What a wild 49 hours!!  haha!!  It was about a month after Christmas, but there were still lots of Christmas lights and decorations up, so I counted this one!  🙂

44. Skate under Xmas tree @ Rockefeller Center (1/1) – Completed Jan.25th, 2011

45. Floss every night – (1/1001) – ongoing….

46. Go to a comedy club (1/1) Completed August 6th @ Yuk Yuks for D’s Bday!yukyukyuk yuk1

47. Keep Gmail inbox under 20 messages (0/1)

48. Finish my wedding book (0/1)

49. Finish editing wedding video with P (0/1)

50. Have Wedding dress cleaned (0/1)

51. Buy a Hoya plant (0/1)

52. Use all Gift Cards in my wallet (0/3)

53. Stay at a Theme Hotel (1/1) Completed July 2009 – Theme rooms in our hotel in Amsterdam!


Our room as Baroque Style….  It was beautiful!!

54. Go surfing again (1/1)
– Completed March 2006 – Lahaina, Maui3228_645153386496_121511050_38453744_1577303_n

55. Go on a Ghost Walk (1/1) Completed Aug.1st in Halifax with tout la gang! Scaaaary…5414_662117071136_121511050_39401488_8064020_n

56. Get over fear… Give Blood (1/1)   Phew!!  This was a hard one for me!!!   I don’t do very well with blood, or medical things, so it was a big challenge!!  I am PROUD to say that I DID IT!!  Whooooooo!!   I had a few dizzy spells, and some concerned nurses, however, I donated my blood and lived to tell the story!!  Actually, it really isn’t that bad at all.  I had a great group of friends with me (GO TEAM BLOOD….) and they kept me distracted, and even though we were in a room surrounded by blood, we really had a great time!!   IMG_1972

57. Rent Vespa scooter for a day (0/1)

58. Hang Shell chandelier (1/1) Completed April 26,20094237_647290653396_121511050_38531523_6250009_n

59. Go Salsa dancing with the Franks again (0/1)

60. Go midnight bowling (0/1)

61. Swim to Aylmer Island (0/1)  **  I know this is on my list twice….it was an accident, however I told myself back in Feb. that once I                                                                    posted my list, I couldn’t change anything!!  D-oh!!  I guess I am going to have to do the swim twice!!!  hahah!!!

62. Get a teaching contract (1/1)  Completed March 1st – I will be teaching SpecEd until the end of the school year!!  Whoop!!  Whoop!

63. Read 50 new books (14/50)
– Twilight – Stephenie Meyer
– Lonley Planet Hawaii
– The White Masai – Corinne Hofmann
– New Moon – Stephenie Meyer
– Eclipse – Stephenie Meyer
– Breaking Dawn – Stephenie Meyer
– Archie Digest #254
– Betty & Veronica Digest #194
– Lonely Planet London
– Lonely Planet Amsterdam
– Time Traveler’s Wife – Audrey Niffenegger
-The Diary of Anne Frank
– Slam – Nick Hornby
– Passive Aggressive Notes – Painfully polite and hilariously hostile writings By: Kerry MillerUntitled-1

64. Sleep under the stars (0/1)

65. Play a game of golf (not mini-putt) (1/1)  Completed August 2, 2011 @ Arundel Golf Course by the Fleming Cottage!

66. Visit Nova-Scotia Gang (1/1) Completed August 2009 Best holiday, So much FUN!!

5414_662119047176_121511050_39401706_6559228_nEveryone came to the airport to greet us!!  ❤

67. Limo party for no reason (0/1)

68. Leave flowers on Gramma & Grampa’s grave (1/1) Completed Aug.31, 2011

69. Bring back Faux Years!! (0/1)

70. Island Camp-Out (1/1) – Completed September 4th, 2010

The weather was kind of crazy, but we decided to risk it and head out anyways.  I am glad we did, because we were there for the most beautiful sunsets of the summer, and it was a gorgeous evening, with great friends, and lots of laughs!!

71. Weekend get-away with Hubby (1/1) – Sept 12th up the ValleyIMG_1928

72. plant a tree @ mom ‘n dads (1/1)  Completed June 12th, 2011

73. build a snowman (1/1)  – Completed Jan.25th 2011….IN CENTRAL PARK, NYC!

While we were in New York, they had a HUGE snowstorm!  Pam and I were walking through Central Park, and we saw so many groups of people having snowball fights, and realized that the snow was perfectly sticky!!  Why not make a snowman in Central Park while we were there!!  So FUN!!

74. U-Haul Drive-In Party (0/1)

75. Send a message in a bottle (1/1) – Launched Sept 4th, two days later, received an email saying it washed up 3km away. 10523_667016777086_121511050_39713201_4376162_n10523_667016782076_121511050_39713202_8075810_n

76. Complete a 1000+ Jigsaw puzzle (1/1) Completed May 10th, 2009
Finally FINISHED!! haha..Thanks to all who helped me out and kept me going!! LOL!!  I was ready to throw it off the balcony quite a few                  times!!!!   4488_648818696186_121511050_38605370_2049202_n



Putting in that last piece was a GREAT feeling!!  I never realized how much I HATE puzzles!!  Never again!! hahaha!!

77. Have a snowball fight (1/1) Completed July 2010..that’s right…JULY!! We were up at the summit of a mountain in Austria!!

Amazing experience to be sliding and playing in the snow in JULY!!

78. Have a foodfight (0/1)

79.Win something…ANYTHING!(1/1) Completed May 31 ’09
– I won a contest at the Three Little Monkeys children’s store in Ottawa – Mr.Funny Lunch!! Yay!4301_651577382756_121511050_38751363_4369804_n

80. Go up in a hot-air balloon (0/1)

81. Swim in the Atlantic ocean (1/1) Completed Aug. 2nd 2009 – Lawrencetown Beach, Nova Scotia5414_662119042186_121511050_39401705_3577273_n

82. Swim in the Pacific ocean(1/1)
– Completed March 15 2009 – Hawaii3228_645153381506_121511050_38453743_7480835_n

83. Go to a movie by myself (1/1) – Compeleted March 2010   Found it really strange, hahahaha….but got used to it after a while.

I went to see a total chick flick, and enjoyed it!!  hahha!

84.. Crush Rush (1/1) Completed Sept.4, 2009 Whooooo!

85. Ride a ferris-wheel with Hubby (1/1) Completed July 2009 – rode the London Eye in London…biggest ferris wheel in Europe!5414_662119062146_121511050_39401709_3371469_n


86. Buy an Orchid (and keep it alive) (1/1) Completed May 29 ’094301_651577392736_121511050_38751365_1588550_n

87. Go puddle jumping with A, A & E (0/1)

88. High Tea at Chateau Laurier (0/1)

89. Learn to use a sewing machine(1/1) Completed June 17, 2009
We started with a tutorial last night, and then today I hemmed a pair of Hubby’s shorts!! I
feel so proud!! LOL! I can finally work a sewing machine!! I am beyond excited!!4962_653966420106_121511050_38886428_3462161_n


90. Go on a double date with H & E (0/1)

91. Host 5 movie nights (2/5)
#1 – had Mom, Heather, Pam and Tito over to watch The Holiday – December 18, 2009

#2 – Pam and Tor came over and we finally forced Tor to watch the Wedding Singer!!!  “it was a coooone!!!”  Now she finally gets the meaning of the strange things Pam and I have been saying for years!!  ‘RELAAAAAX!!!!’

92. Take pics in photobooth(1/1)  Alice and Annika helped me out with this one when we had our SleepOver!!  It was their first time in a photobooth, and there was a lot of giggling going on!!  hahah!!

93. Buy someone flowers (2/5)
– March 2nd – Bought Hubby’s parents welcome home flowers
– May 17 – Bought P flowers for getting her new JOB! 🙂

94. Do a god-damn chin-up!!!! (0/1)

95. Go wine tasting (1/1) Completed  Aug.26th, 2011 – Went to Sandbanks Winery!!  So Awesome!

96. Kiss in the rain (1/1)
– April 2009 – Kissed Hubby goodbye before work in the rain, even put my umbrella away for
greater impact…sacrificed frizzy hair for a romanitc kiss… totally worth it! hahhah!kiss_in_the_Rain__ver__2_by_colapop

97. beat Hubby at scrabble(1/1)
-Completed March 1, 2009 – OH YEAH!! I thought this one was going to take a while! Whoo!3228_645153391486_121511050_38453745_365344_n

98. take pics of tasks as I complete them (when I can) (0/1)
– Ongoing –

99. Inspire at least 5 people to make a 101 list (???/5)
– Inspired M & P so far.
– L.M has made her list!!
– Dan the Man is makin’ a list!! Yay Dan!
** I was actually on my FAVOURITE morning show on the radio, Hot 89.9, and they were talking to me about my list!! It was exciting, and  because of the interview, I got TONS & TONS of feedback about what I am doing!! Many people have said that they are going to start a list, and I hope Mauler, Rush, Jenni and Josie make a list too…. HINT!! HINT!! Thanks to them, I think I have inspired waaay more than 5 people, so I think it is safe to cross this one off!! You guys are awesome!! Thanks for having me on the radio!!!

100. Pop Champagne on the 1001st day, and write a new list!!! (0/1)

101. Donate 5 dollars to a charity for each task that I didn’t complete! (0/1)

Whoooo Hoooo!  Wish me Luck!!  🙂

Feel free to say HELLO in the comment section….  Have you made a list??